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today is the 6 year annaversery of 2 of my friends band Blood On The Dance Floor. I have supported their music for 6 long happy years. the botdf movement has been a gread success aswell. spreading the Peace, Love, Unity and Respect all around the world and showing people that its ok to be who you are. be prod of the person you have become. if it wasnt for these guys i myself would not be the person I am today. they showed me that its ok to be different in society and that if anyone has a problems with it, dont let it stop you from being you. they made me rise up and say no to the name calling, no to the disrespect and NO to the bullying. I am not the only one who can say this. there are many others too. boys, girls, adults, teens and even some kids too. they have helped us all in some way shape or form. now is the tie to say thank you to jayy and dahvie for all their help and support, its only fair. ❤
slash gash terror forever ❤ PEACEOUT!! nekogash ^.^=


When Tim Burton was young he felt like an outcast in the world. He felt like a strange, out of this world creature. He made a character that he felt he was like. His name was Edward scissor hands. He was tall, pale, wore strange clothes and had scissors for hands. When Tim was older and became a famous film director he decided to make a film about the story of Edward scissorhands.Image

Edward was a creation of an old inventor. The inventor wanted a son, so he made Edward, Kind of like in the movie Pinocchio. But sadly he died before he could finish him. So Edward was left in the house, unfinished, all alone until someone came to him. And eventually someone did. In the story there was a woman called peg bog, she was a makeup door to door saleswoman. When she first saw Edward she was unsure of what he looked like until he walked into the light. He startled her but she still decided to take him home to meet her family and live with them.


She lived in a conformist town, all the houses were a pastel colour and looked very much the same as each other, the gardens looked similar, everyone had a pastel coloured car, all the people wore similar clothes and all the men had work during the day so the wives stayed at home to take care of the house. The kids would go to school and play with others. There were no video games around so they played outside. Everything was similar to the real world but at the same, different.

 Peg had a daughter called Kim, who was away on the first day Edward, came to town. But Edward saw a photo of her and instantly fell in love with her. This reminds me of the classic forbidden romances Romeo and Juliet, beauty and the beast and the hunchback of Notre dame.


As the time pasted in the town whilst Edward was there, the town slowly started to change from a conformist town to a strange and quirky town. The people got haircuts by Edward that were crazy and wild, and the town plants were shaped into things like people, dinosaurs, teddy bears and more. The realistic town became more unrealistic. But eventual Edward got in trouble trying to help the girl he like’s (Kim) boyfriend (Kevin) break into his own house. Edward took all the blame to keep Kim safe. And since then the people started to think of him to be a retard and a not so good person. The town had started to turn on him. Then came around Christmas time.kim dumped Kevin and Kevin turned on Edward and tried to get rid of him. He saw the perfect opportunity when Edward was in the middle of making an ice sculpture while Kim was dancing in the ice that fell from his scissor hands like snow.

He startled Edward causing him to accidently cut Kim’s hand. Kevin then told Edward to leave. While Edward was running away he tore off the clothes peg gave to him to make him look normal, revealing his natural outfit. The way he did it was as if to say “I’m not going to become like these people. They are mean and selfish. I like me the way I am and if they think I’m the monster they should try looking at themselves.” And in a violent rage he stormed through the town breaking things in his path.

The police were called and Edward ran home. Everyone chased him including Kevin and Kim. Kevin tried to kill Edward whilst Kim tried to help him. In the end Kevin died. Edward killed him. Kim covered him by telling the towns people that the roof caved in on him and killed Edward as well. Everyone believed her and went home and forgot about him. But as Kim got older she still remembered him. And told the story to her grandkids.

This tale combines fairytales with some reality as you can see in this. Tim did a great job doing this and making it possible to see. This movie is 22 years old and is still a very popular movie for the family. The moral of the story I’m guessing (this is what i think) is don’t judge a book by its cover. Edward liked strange and was out of the ordinary but was a sweet gentle person that only needed a chance.


Life for kids these days, nothing like it used to be. TV has changed and playgrounds have changes. Where has all the fun gone?

Take bob the builder for example as a show; it’s a great little show for kids while there young. It teaches team work, friendship and shows how different types of people get along. Now, there are groups of people out there who pick little things out of kid’s shows and make it seem like such a big deal. Everyone in my generation hates this. I mean, yeah bob hangs off scoop in the show and yeah you almost never see him in a safety harness but kids never notice that stuff. They say things like “soon al out kids will be trying to be like bob, walking around on houses with no harnesses and hang off cars, This will be the death of our children unless this is stoped.” Now come on. The kids are like 1-6 years old. They don’t notice these things bob does. They focus on the more entertaining side of it.

Another perfect example is the Tellitubies. Now I grew up with this little show. I loved it. I didn’t care if they didn’t speak English and I didn’t care if one of them (being a boy) had a handbag like a girl. I just watched it because it was a fun little show. This show was cancelled a while ago on ABC. A group of people were saying things like “Tinky Winky (the purple one) is gay and should not be on the show! Also they need to start speaking English. This show will either turn out little boys into raging gay boy or stop our kids from learning how to speak.” Hello? It’s a show for babies. Babies are not supposed to talk just yet. They might as well ban kids from ever watching TV if it’s such an “influence”. So what did they do? Replaced it with a worse show. Boobah. Stupid show. At least the Tellitubies showed happiness on their faces and acted as friends. The Boobah characters on the other hand had no smiles and almost no interaction with earthmother, Again a stupid show.

Also, what happened to all of our cool playgrounds around Canberra?! I go around Canberra and I pass all the parks I used to go to as a kid. Where are they all? What happened?? Adventure playground in Kambah, it used to be so much fun. All the swings, flying foxes and the little wooden tree houses they used to have. Where is it all? Gone or made safer. See when I was little and my generation will agree with me on this one, if we got hurt we had a good time. No pain no gain. It’s a critical part of being a kid I think. Next thing you know all the paths will be made of pillows and trees and light posts will be wrapped in bubble wrap. It’s all just wrong. Kids are going to grow up in a world where they won’t get hurt. So when their older and they do get hut it will hurt more and for longer.

All of these groups out there that are the cause of all this madness are stupid and don’t think of what’s important for their kids. Learning about how to interact with others, to be happy and have fun outside. Not anymore. They have to both stop it and put up with it of move to a safer country! We are becoming a nanny society. Stop it at once! Before it’s too late!

The first Barney the Dinosaur was a seemingly harmless character of a popular children’s TV show “barney and friends”. Since the first Barney passed away he has been replaced 3 times to keep his happy little show alive. However, the third Barney was brought to court in 1997, for sexual harassment of a 5 year old boy Arthur Jenkins. On May 9th 1997 Barney was appearing at a small town children’s event on the border of the Mississippi when little Arthur was “touched inappropriately” Arthur claims that while he was giving dear old Barney a hug when Barney’s hand went a little too far. 3 weeks later the police were contacted and barney was taken to court the case was put on hold until late January early February the next year. Barney was found guilty in February of 1998 and served 5 years behind bars and was released late November 2003. He is now a registered sex offender in the state of Mississippi, Louisiana and Georgia.


so here is whats going on…. my english teacher gave us another assignment on here. somthing about making another post with picture hyperlinks or something like that anyway… GOD DAMIT!! when he got it up on the bord this is what my face looked like i sware!!


while sir was all like:


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a while ago in my last show i had a mate of mine called pancake sleep over at my place so we could dye each others hair. she has this loin she takes EVERYWHERE!!! called alex 🙂 this is a bit of the show that night 🙂

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